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Last modified on July 1, 2020


26.05.2016 Others
《Division for Health Service Center》Medical Check-ups for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (Excluding New Students Enrolled in April, 2016) and Research Students
24.05.2016 Others
《International Student Section》 Resident Assistant for PEAK Students (Application Deadline: 4:50 p.m. Friday, June 3, 2016)
20.05.2016 Others
《General Affairs Section》Notice: Campus Clean-up at Komaba (Thu. 9 June)
18.05.2016 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) , June 2016 (only in Japanese)
13.05.2016 GPEAK
List of Supplementary Courses is updated.
13.05.2016 GPEAK
List of Course Cancellations is updated.
09.05.2016 Go Abroad
09.05.2016 Go Abroad
《International Student Section》2016 IARU Campus Sustainability Exchange
09.05.2016 Go Abroad
《International Student Section》[For AY2016-2017 - early 2017 departure] University-wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP)
09.05.2016 Go Abroad
《International Student Section》Short-Term Summer Study Abroad Programs with Scholarships: 2nd Recruitment AY2016
28.04.2016 Others
《Student Support Section》To students who have been affected by the earthquakes in Kumamoto
26.04.2016 Admission
26.04.2016 Others
《International Student Section》 Japanese Language Courses S Semester 2016
26.04.2016 Classes
Application for Certificate of Completion for the University-wide Education Program for those completing the course in September
22.04.2016 Others
《Student Support Division》Volunteer Work at Quake-devastated Areas in Kumamoto (Only in Japanese)
21.04.2016 Go Abroad
《International Student Section》Go Global Scholarships First Call for the 2016 Short (3 months-1 year) Study Abroad Scholarships
19.04.2016 GPEAK
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
18.04.2016 Others
《Student Support Division》ATTENTION: A Suspicious Person Molesting!
15.04.2016 Others
[Cafeteria] Breakfast For Half The Price!!(4/18-28)
07.04.2016 Others
《Disability Services Office》Disability Service Orientation (only in Japanese)
07.04.2016 UT-mate
UTokyo Account: Change in Password Reset Procedure (2016/4) Important
06.04.2016 Others
Group-Ⅱ Students Medical Check-ups Graduate Students (Excluding New Students Enrolled in April 2016)
06.04.2016 Others
Group-Ⅰ Students Medical Check-ups New Graduate Students and Research Fellows Enrolled in April 2016
06.04.2016 GPEAK
List of Course Cancellations is updated.
01.04.2016 Classes
Notice of Tuition Fee Payment & Direct Debit Important
28.03.2016 GPEAK
Submission Schedule is updated.
25.03.2016 GPEAK
List of Intensive Courses is updated.
18.03.2016 GPEAK
Course Listing is updated.
18.03.2016 Classes
Registration for courses offered by United Nations University (Spring 2016 Semester) *New class added on March 18.
17.03.2016 Others
《Center for Japanese Language Education》 Information for courses starting in April 2016 (Hongo Campus)
17.03.2016 Scholarship
《International Student Section》 Application for Scholarships Registration (S Semester 2016) ---GPEAK Students--- Deadline:2016/4/8(Fri.) 16:50
09.03.2016 Others
《Disability Services Office》 Disability Service Workshop (only in Japanese)
07.03.2016 Others
《Note PC Reuse Office》 Application Period for FREE LAPTOP LOANS Will Start!
23.02.2016 Others
《International Planning Group,International Affairs Department》 The UTokyo Photography Contest is accepting applications now
22.02.2016 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Okuma-machi, Fukushima Pref. (Learning Support) , March 2016 (only in Japanese)
17.02.2016 GPEAK
Submission Deadline for Notification of Extension of Enrollment Period and Request for Withdrawal
17.02.2016 GPEAK
Submission Deadline for Request for Leave of Absence and Request for Resumption of Studies
28.01.2016 Go Abroad
(Guideline Update) 《Global Komaba》Tobitate! Ryugaku JAPAN (MEXT: Study Abroad Schororship Program intended for Japanese stdents) AY2016 (the 5th recruitment) * Deadline: 4:50 p.m. Friday, Feb. 5, 2016
28.01.2016 Others
《Schlorship Section, Student Support Division》 Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the First Half of 2016
27.01.2016 Go Abroad
《Global Komaba》[Japan Educational Exchange Services] Gakken-sai Global Leaders Scholarship AY2016 (only for Japanese students) * Deadline: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 16:50 *
20.01.2016 Scholarship
Report Submission for The University of Tokyo Grant for Ph.D. Research Important
15.01.2016 GPEAK
List of Intensive Courses is updated.
15.01.2016 GPEAK
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
15.01.2016 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) , February 2016 (only in Japanese)
08.01.2016 Go Abroad
《Global Komaba》*Deadline: 4:50 p.m. Monday, January 18, 2016* Scholarship for Studying Abroad 2016: GYOMU SUPER JAPAN DREAM FOUNDATION (intended for Japanese students)
07.01.2016 Others
Nobel Prize in Physics Commemorative Academic Lecture by Prof. Kajita
07.01.2016 Others
《Center for Japanese Language Education》 Short-term Japanese Courses (Hongo Campus)
28.12.2015 Others
Temporary Change in Counter Service Hours during Winter/Spring Vacation
28.12.2015 Classes
Academic Calendar (Class Schedules of 2016-2017), Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Important New
25.12.2015 Others
《Student Support Division》Precautions for the New Year Holiday

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