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Intensive Courses: PEAK A Semester 2020

Last updated: 2020/9/24

Course Title Instructor Date Day Period Classroom Notes Notified on
International Program on Japan in East Asia and others
Special Topics: Japan in East Asia V ASH IAN THOMAS Oct .10 Sat 2,3   Online Sep 24
Oct .31
Nov. 7
Nov. 21
Nov. 28
Dec. 12
Special Seminar in Area and Historical Studies I SANDERS Gerard February (Please refer to syllabus)       Sep 24
International Program on Environmental Sciences
Environmental Issues in Japan SEINO Satoko, SHIMADA Kazumasa         In-person Sep 24
Contemporary Environmental Issues HIRONO Yoshiyuki, MORISHITA Naoki,
Yuji, FUKAMI Moto
        Online Sep 24
Population Dynamics [Environmental Sciences] NISHIMURA Kinya,
TAKADA Takenori
Sep. 26 Sat 2-5   Online Sep 24
Oct. 3 Sat 2-4
Oct. 10 Sat 2-4
Oct. 17 Sat 2-4

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