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Classroom and Timetable Changes: PEAK S Semester 2021

Last updated: April 25, 2023

Course Course Code Instructor Semester
Changes From   To Notes Noticed on
International Program on Japan in East Asia and others    
Topics in Area and Historical Studies I 08C4053 李 里花 S1S2 Classroom 117 159 April 18
Special Topics: Japan in East Asia XXVII 08C403327 Kartika Diana S1S2 Classroom 152 1225 April 17
Special Topics: Japan in East Asia II 08C403302 Christopher D. Hammond S1S2 Classroom 152 109 April 17
Special Topics: Japan in East Asia XIII 08C403313 トンプソン 美恵子 S1S2  New Course Thu 2   April 4
Foundations of Area and Historical Studies II 08C4050 キハラハント 愛 S1S2 Classroom 8-209 KOMCEE East K214 April 25
International Program on Environmental Sciences    
Technology and Sustainable Development (2) 08D14092 ジロドウ イザベル S1 Classroom KOMCEE East K112 KOMCEE East K214 April 7
Modeling and Simulation 08D14201 前田 章 Intensive New Course April 24
Biodiversity and Ecosystems 08D1419 シェファーソン リチャード S1S2 Classroom KOMCEE East K214 533 April 25

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