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Classroom and Timetable Changes: PEAK S Semester 2024

Last updated: March 27, 2024

Course Course Code Instructor Semester
Changes From   To Notes Noticed on
International Program on Japan in East Asia and others    
Special Topics: Japan in East Asia XXXIV 08C403334 ROBERTS Mark S1S2


Day of week/period


Wednesday, 3rd period


Tuesday,3rd period

March 27
Energy Technology and Natural Resources I 08D1436 杉山 昌広(Sugiyama Masahiro) S1S2 Day of week/period

4/15, Monday, 2nd period

7/16,Tuesday, 2nd period

May 23

東アジアの文化/East Asian Culture


高橋 史子



Komaba Bldg. 5 Room 8-209

21 KOMCEE West 1st Basement Lecture Hall Classroom change applies only on June 25

April 23

International Program on Environmental Sciences    
Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation 08D1403 田中 章 S2 Classroom Komaba Bldg.5 Room 514 KOMCEE EAST 114 April 19

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