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Request for Resumption of Studies

When requesting Resumption of Studies after the period of leave of absence, please submit a Request for Resumption of Studies. (The form is available at the Academic Affairs Division counter. (Click here for counter information)
Note that you should attach Medical Certification if the leave was taken due to illness.

If you are a Japanese Student Service Organization (JASSO) scholarship recipient, you need to go through a separate procedure and to submit a request form (Idoh-negai/todoke (異動願(届)) as  a notification on your Resumption of Studies.
JASSO website: http://www.jasso.go.jp/shougakukin/index.html (Japanese only)
(Top >> 奨学金 (Scholarship)  >> 貸与中の異動(交付の復活)について(Resumption (Start receiving scholarship again)))
If you stopped to receive the scholarship for more than two years, you must take the procedure for withdrawal from the scholarship.
The Student Support Division is in charge of scholarship procedures. For details, please ask for necessary information at the counter of Student Support Division.

For those receiving scholarships from corporate funds or any associations other than JASSO, please first contact the office of each fund to take procedures as required by each organization.