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Last modified on October 18, 2017


Go Abroad October 18, 2017

Handling of Credits Earned at Overseas Universities ※Application Deadline: November 13 (Mon) 2017

If a Senior Division student has returned from studying abroad (AIKOM, a study abroad program based on a student exchange agreement, an overseas study on a leave of absence or a summer program) and wishes for credit transfer to be approved, the student must submit the prescribed application form by 4:50 p.m. November 13 (Mon) .
For details, please refer to the chapter “Study Abroad” in the “College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Student Handbook II” issued at the year of matriculation to the Senior Division and check the application procedure in the following PDF fileicon_pdf.gif. For PEAK students, the form of “Request for Transfer Credit Approval” below must be submitted along with other required documents to the PEAK/GPEAK Section (Counter no.2, Administration Bldg. 1F). Take note that the evaluation for credit transfer cannot be made if the application documents are not completed accurately.
Choose and review the courses to be listed on the application form carefully since you may apply for credit transfer only once per one period of study abroad.

Notes on Request for Transfer Credit Approvalicon_pdf.gif   

Application form: Request for Transfer Credit Approvalicon_excel.gif       

Sample Format for Course Descriptionicon_word.gif

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