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Last modified on March 6, 2017


Classes March 6, 2017

Grade Confirmation Request 2016 A Semester

To PEAK Senior Division Students,

Grades for courses in 2016 A Semester (A1 and A2 Terms) can be viewed on the UT-mate from March 3 (Fri).

Please check your grade report on the UT-mate and if you wish to request a confirmation of grade evaluation, obtain the prescribed form at the PEAK/GPEAK Section, Academic Affairs Division (counter no. 2) and fill out and submit the form within the period designated as below. 

<Grade Confirmation Period>

March 6 (Mon) ~ March 10 (Fri), 2017

  • If you have any questions regarding grades for courses of other faculties, please directly contact the office of academic affairs of each faculty.
  • When the grade for a course you have registered does not appear on your academic record, there may be cases where grade reporting for the course has not been completed yet or course substitution needed has not been finished during the above period.

March 6, 2017
Academic Affairs Division

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