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Last modified on March 27, 2017


Classes March 27, 2017

Long-Term Study System: Application Period for April-entry students

To Students in the Senior Division

Long-Term Study System

If a student has physical or other impairment and therefore requests that he or she be permitted to complete the educational component of a degree program structured so that the student completes the component during a certain period that exceeds the standard duration of that program, the dean of the College/Faculty may approve each request for the Junior Division and the Senior Division, pursuant to Article 2, item 2 of the University of Tokyo General Rules on College/Faculties.
Application documents for the request must be submitted during the designated period from April 3 (Mon) to April 5 (Wed), 2017.
With regards to eligibility and procedures to follow, applicants should consult the section below as soon as possible before the deadline.




Senior Division Section
PEAK/GPEAK Section (For PEAK Students)
Academic Affairs Division

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