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Last modified on June 1, 2022


Others June 1, 2022

(Repost) "Information Security Education" for All Users of the UTokyo Computer Services  Important

Based on "The Basic Plan for Information Security Protection" the university will conduct e-learning courses on information security for all members of the university annually.

Please make sure you take the course by June 10, 2022.

I. All members of the university that use university-provided computer services, i.e. all members with UTokyo Accounts are required to take this program.
All students who have been issued with an UTokyo Account by April 1, 2022, including researchers and auditing students, etc.
Students currently taking leave of absence are not required to take this program.
II. The information security education program will be conducted during the following time periods.
 Students: May 9 to June 10, 2022
III. Access to UTokyo WiFi by your account will be suspended if you conduct actions prohibited by the "Terms of Use for the University of Tokyo Wireless Network (UTokyo WiFi)".
If you do not take or pass the "Information Security Education", your UTokyo WiFi and UTokyo VPN account will be suspended. As this is required for taking online classes, please be sure to take the course during the period.

To take the e-learning course, please follow the steps outlined below.

 1. Login to ITC-LMS https://itc-lms.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/

  *Login with your student account (the 10-digit number at the bottom right of

  your student ID card). If you cannot log in, please refer to the following site as

  it means there is a problem with the account.


2. Select "Information Security Training" in "Enrolled Courses".

3. Please see "Information Security Education 2022 for Students" in "Teaching


4. Select "Information Security education (2022) TEST" and take the test until 10

  questions have been answered correctly.

5. Complete the questionnaire "Questionnaire on Information Security Education (2022)".

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