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Last modified on February 20, 2023


Others February 20, 2023

By March 23, Thu: Request for Answers to Graduation Surveys  Important

If you are planning to graduate in March 2023, please complete the 2022 Exit Survey of Post-Graduation Plans.

*Answer period: Until Thuesday, March 23

(Please note that UTAS can only be used until the day before graduation.)

*Answer Method:
Please launch UTAS and answer from Enquete> Answer Career Choice Survey.

This survey is intended for students who have completed their studies at the University of Tokyo's undergraduate, Master's and doctorate levels as well as for students who have withdrawn from the school having satisfied the necessary credits.

Please fill out the attached survey and submit it through the collection method specific to your department.

Furthermore, please understand that your answers will be used for the following purposes:

1. Statistical Survey of Employment Situation
The survey result will be used for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)'s "Basic School Survey," which we are required to complete, as well as for the University of Tokyo's "Employment Situation Survey" and other relevant statistical tabulations.

2 Informing University of Tokyo's Activity to Alumni
The survey result will also be used by the University of Tokyo's Alumni Office to offer relevant information and online services to alumni.

* Your personal information is protected by law and school regulations. All information provided will be securely stored at Development Support Group Alumni Affairs Group.

○ Departments in charge of this survey
Career Support Group, Education and Student Support Department
Development Support Group Alumni Affairs Group, External Relations Department

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