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Last modified on June 1, 2023


Others May 19, 2023

[To JEA Students Graduating in August 2023] Submission of "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" Deadline: Friday, June 9  Important

Prior to graduation thesis submission, JEA students who are graduating in August 2023 must submit "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" within the period set as below.

Submission Period: Monday, June 5 - 4:30 p.m. Friday, June 9
Submission Method :
1. Compress "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" and the PDF or photo image of the Program Director's approval email (in a zip file).
2. Upload the zip file to the prescribed URL.


Please fill out the form on a computer and obtain approval from the Program Director (Prof. Ai Kihara-Hunt) before submission.

*For students who have extended their graduation, they must submit the thesis title notification sheet again in the semester in which they graduate, even if they have submitted the thesis title notification once before.

PEAK/GPEAK Section, Academic Affairs Divion

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