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Last modified on July 30, 2021


18.04.2019 Classes
List of Course Cancellations is updated.
18.04.2019 Classes
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
10.04.2019 Classes
S Semester (S1/S2) AY2019 Course Registration
10.04.2019 Classes
List of Courses Changed Schedule is updated.
01.04.2019 Others
Notice of Tuition Fee Payment & Direct Debit
29.03.2019 Others
Office Hours Change due to the Spring Holidays
29.03.2019 Others
Office Hours Change During Golden Week (2019 April - May)
26.03.2019 Others
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD・DC・RPD) for 2019 (Only in Japanese)
26.03.2019 Others
《Center for Japanese Language Education (Hongo Campus)》 Information for courses starting in April 2019
26.03.2019 Others
《International Student Section》Non-credit Japanese Language Courses S Semester 2019
25.03.2019 Classes
Course Listing is updated.
19.03.2019 Others
Ceremony for the Commencement of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
14.03.2019 Others
(Repost) Students Medical Check-ups Group-II : Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (Excluding New Students Enrolled in April, 2019) and Research Students
14.03.2019 Others
《Office for English-Language Educational Support》Teaching Assistant (TA) positions available (Application Deadline: March 21, 2019)
14.03.2019 Scholarship
(Repost)《International Student Section》 Application for Scholarships Registration (S Semester 2019) ---GPEAK Students---Deadline: April 12 (Fri.) NLT 16:50
14.03.2019 Others
(Repost)《Student Support Division》Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the First Half of 2019 (Deadline: April 5, 2019)
08.03.2019 Others
The new service to send you emergency messages and inquire about your safety in the event of disasters has been inplemented.
07.03.2019 GPEAK
Grade Confirmation Request 2018 A Semester
07.03.2019 Others
Automatic Certificate Issuing Machines will be Out of Service : March 29, 3:00 p.m. - April 1, 10:00 a.m.
04.03.2019 Others
Lecture "Observational Open Science: An Application to the Literature on Irrelevant Events and Voting Behavior" by Cecilia Mo (University of California, Berkeley)
04.03.2019 Others
Lecture "When Do the Advantaged See the Disadvantages of Others? A Quasi-Experimental Study of National Service" by Cecilia Mo (University of California, Berkeley)
26.02.2019 Others
The University of Tokyo Diploma Presentation/Commencement Ceremony AY2018
26.02.2019 Others
Students Medical Check-ups Group-I : New Graduate Students and Research Fellows Enrolled in April, 2019
26.02.2019 Others
《GFD Workshop 2019》Frontiers in Higher Education: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)
26.02.2019 Others
《GFD Workshop 2019》Frontiers in Higher Education: A Workshop for Designing Transparent Teaching Materials
25.02.2019 Others
《GFD Symposium 2019》Frontiers in Higher Education: Diversifying and Transforming Teaching
22.02.2019 Others
《Student Support Division》To Students from the Area Devastated by Earthquake in Hokkaido (in Japanese) Important
08.02.2019 Go Abroad
Student Exchange Program with Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University
07.02.2019 Classes
Registration for courses offered by United Nations University (Spring 2019 Semester)
25.01.2019 Others
(If you do not pass the quiz by the deadline of Jan. 31, UTokyo Wi-Fi access will be suspended! )"Information Security Education" for All Users Important
24.01.2019 GPEAK
Report Submission for The University of Tokyo Grant for Ph.D. Research Important
24.01.2019 Others
《UT-VC》Call for Volunteer Workers at Okuma-machi, Fukushima Pref. (Learning Support) , March 2019 (only in Japanese)
22.01.2019 Others
《ISSR》Career Cafe: "Nihon de hataraku II'' @Hongo Campus
22.01.2019 Others
《ISSR》Global Career Fair @Hongo Campus
17.01.2019 Others
Office Hours Change due to Entrance Exams and Spring Holidays
15.01.2019 Others
《UT-VC》Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzantakata Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) , February 2019 (only in Japanese),
26.12.2018 Others
(Repost)"Information Security Education" for All Users of the UTokyo Computer Services: Oct. 25 - Jan. 31 (Extended) (Updated: Dec. 25)) Important
26.12.2018 Classes
Academic Calendar (Class Schedules of 2019-2020), Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Important New
20.12.2018 Others
《General Affairs Division》Disposal of Abandoned Bicycles on Komaba Campus
19.12.2018 Others
Academic Gown for University's Ceremony
19.12.2018 Others
《International Exchange Group, The UTokyo》Global Intiatives Symposium by Professional Golfer * Mental Coach * Executive Vice President of the UTokyo will be held @ KOMCEE West K303 from 19:00 on Thursday, Dec. 20 (in Japanese)
10.12.2018 Others
《Global Komaba》[For Senior Division Students / Graduate School Students] Resident Assistant for PEAK Students (April to March Period of 2019-20)
07.12.2018 Others
Office Hours Change during the Year - end and New Year Holidays
03.12.2018 Others
《Student Support Division》Notification on Selection Results for Tuition Fee Exemption/Deferment for the Second Half, AY 2018
28.11.2018 Classes
List of Supplementary Courses is updated.
28.11.2018 Classes
List of Course Cancellations is updated.
21.11.2018 Classes
List of Intensive Courses is updated.
19.11.2018 Others
《Globalization Office》EVERYTHING ABOUT MY COUNTRY #4 the Americas
16.11.2018 Others
《General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division》Notice - Campus Clean-up at Komaba
16.11.2018 Others
Only in Japanese/2019年度 第14回「ロレアル-ユネスコ女性科学者 日本奨励賞」募集開始のお知らせ

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