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Last modified on September 13, 2023


31.03.2023 Others
Schedule / Notes (Group-II Students Medical Check-ups)
31.03.2023 Classes
Global Liberal Arts Courses (Center for Global Education)
20.03.2023 Classes
Syllabuses 2023: available on UTAS
10.03.2023 Events
【March 10, Revised】Notice to Graduating Students Important
10.03.2023 Events
【March 10, Revised】2023 Spring Diploma Conferment Ceremony
09.03.2023 Others
List of Graduands for Spring 2023, College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK) Important
09.03.2023 Others
List of Students Certified to Have Completed Program, College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK) Spring 2023 Important
08.03.2023 Others
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] Recruitment of Campus Tour Guides (Job Date: April 3)
08.03.2023 Others
Office Hours in March and April 2023
07.03.2023 Others
Request for Answers to DaigakuKyouiku-no-TasseidoCyousa/Survey of University Education Achievement
07.03.2023 Events
Regarding the awarding of diplomas
24.02.2023 Others
Grade Confirmation Request for 2022 A Semester
24.02.2023 Others
[From Student Support Section] Exemptions/Deferred Payment of Tuition for the First Half of 2023 Important
24.02.2023 Scholarships
《International Student Section》 Application for Scholarships Registration (S Semester 2023) Deadline: 2023/4/11(Tue) 16:00 Important
20.02.2023 Others
By March 23, Thu: Request for Answers to Graduation Surveys Important
14.02.2023 Others
(By March 10) Call for Opinions on New Komaba Library Expansion
14.02.2023 Events
2023 Spring Diploma Conferment Ceremony
08.02.2023 Events
(Repost) AY2022 Commencement Ceremony
08.02.2023 Events
(Repost) Academic Gown for University's Ceremony
06.02.2023 Others
【From Globalization Office】2023S semester GS/GSA Part Time Job Offer
01.02.2023 Others
Notice regarding the offering of "現代哲学特殊演習I(2)/Special Seminar on Contemporary Philosophy I (2)" [Deadline: February 6]
26.01.2023 Others
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] "QIGONG Workshop"(February 9, 19:00 Online)
26.01.2023 Others
Event: Study Abroad Advising Session in Spring (Online)
13.01.2023 Others
【From International Students Support Room】Job Fair for UTokyo International Students on 17 and 18 Jan., 2023
11.01.2023 Others
Notice about the result of Admission/Tuition Fee Exemption for the Second Half of AY2022 Important
11.01.2023 Others
(Repost) EAA YOUTH(East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts ) Call for Applications (AY2023)
06.01.2023 Others
Office Hours in January and February 2023
06.01.2023 Others
Cross-cultural Event: 「茶道(SADOU)」Japanese Tea Ceremony
05.01.2023 Others
「Abroad for Good / An International Career」Lecture by Mr. Dirk Hebecker
05.01.2023 Classes
(Re-post) Submission of "Graduation Thesis" and "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" by Students Graduating from Faculty of Arts and Sciences in March 2023 Important
22.12.2022 Events
Job Fair for UTokyo International Students(Company Information Seminar)on Zoom
19.12.2022 Others
SJTU Global Virtual Classroom Spring 2023(Online)
16.12.2022 Others
UTokyo Global Unit Courses(UTokyo GUC)for 2023
14.12.2022 Go Abroad
Study Abroad Pre-departure Presentation
14.12.2022 Others
Recruitment for New GO Tutors (April 2023-)
12.12.2022 Events
AY2022 Commencement Ceremony
12.12.2022 Events
Academic Gown for University's Ceremony
09.12.2022 Others
Disposal of Abandoned Bicycles on Komaba campus
09.12.2022 Classes
(Repost) A Semester (including A1 and A2 Terms) AY 2022 Course Registration
06.12.2022 Others
Campus clean-up at Komaba (postponed to Dec 7)
02.12.2022 Others
Berkeley Internship Program
02.12.2022 Others
ANU Evolution of Honeybee Parasites and Diseases Internship
02.12.2022 Others
Under the Starry Sky - Youth Action for SDGs!
01.12.2022 Others
Office Hours in December 2022 (including the year end and New Year holidays) Important
28.11.2022 Classes
(Repost) A Semester (including A1 and A2 Terms) AY 2022 Course Registration
28.11.2022 Events
"Tokyo Forum 2022" on Thursday, December 1 and Friday, December 2, 2022
28.11.2022 Events
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] "MINDFULNESS Workshop"(December 8, 19:00 @Hybrid)
18.11.2022 Others
EAA YOUTH(East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts ) Call for Applications (AY2023)
16.11.2022 Events
Net Positive: a mindset shift for courageous leaders willing to do what it takes to create an equal and sustainable world
15.11.2022 Events
「Female and Senior Labor in East Asia」Lecture by Prof. Kaku Sechiyama

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