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10.12.2021 Others
Opening the Gates of the Komaba I Campus: from Monday December 13
10.12.2021 Others
Disposal of Abandoned Bicycles on Komaba campus
09.12.2021 Classes
(Repost) A Semester (including A1 and A2 Terms) AY 2021 Course Registration
06.12.2021 Others
Office Hours in December 2021 (including the year end and New Year holidays) Important
06.12.2021 Events
EAA Global Lecture Series #4 "The Nonhuman in African Philosophy" By Professor Alena Rettová
06.12.2021 Events
EAA Global Lecture Series #3 "Green with Milk & Sugar: When Japan Filled America's Tea Cups" By Dr. Robert Hellyer
02.12.2021 Others
Message from President Fujii to International Students Waiting to Enter Japan Regarding the Temporary Suspension of Entry(December 1, 2021) Important
29.11.2021 Events
Lost and Found in Translation ~ An Interpreter's Perspective Online Lecture and Training Trial with SHINNOSUKE NAKAMURA
29.11.2021 Events
Leveraging Cultural Diversity ― to Meet and Exceed the Global Business Needs ― Online Lecture with TOMOKO ADACHI in English
29.11.2021 Others
EAA YOUTH(East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts ) Call for Applications (AY2022)
19.11.2021 Events
From Seele to Mind: A Sociological Study of Knowledge On the Rationalization of Psychoanalysis
19.11.2021 Classes
EAA February Online Intensive Course (A2 Term)
17.11.2021 Events
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] "HAIKU-LAND -Let's interact in the world of 5-7-5!"(Dec. 3, 19:00~@Zoom)
16.11.2021 Others
Handling of Credits Earned at Overseas Universities ※Application Deadline: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 Important
15.11.2021 Others
Tips for Searching Library Books and Resources【Web Seminar】
12.11.2021 Others
Notification of Novel Coronavirus Tests @ Health Service Centers
05.11.2021 Events
Career Seminar for International Students
05.11.2021 Others
Students' Survey Result for Komaba Campus I Improvement
01.11.2021 Others
Office Hours Change due to Komaba Festival and others
26.10.2021 Events
【From Globalization Office】Call for Participation in "Video Sharing Project" (UTokyo)
25.10.2021 Others
[To JEA Students Graduating in March 2022] Submission of "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" Deadline: Friday, November 19 Important
22.10.2021 Others
Submission of "Graduation Thesis" and "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" by Students Graduating from Faculty of Arts and Sciences in March 2022 Important
15.10.2021 Events
[From Globalization Office]Mini BIBLIOBATTLE in English
15.10.2021 Events
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] "ORIGAMI Workshop & Moonlight Talk"(October 22, 19:00~@Zoom)
05.10.2021 Others
Notice of Tuition Fee Payment & Direct Debit
04.10.2021 Classes
Registration Forms for Sub-programs and others AY2021
01.10.2021 Others
Status of Campus regarding COVID-19 (from October 4: Shifted from Stage Orange I to Stage Yellow) Important
01.10.2021 Events
Guidance for Global Praxis courses: Junior Division Thematic courses "Global Praxis:Experiential Learning of Traditional and Modern Japanese Culture" and Senior Division "Global Praxis (Advanced 6) "
01.10.2021 Classes
Application for Certificate of Completion for the University wide Education Program for those completing the course in March
30.09.2021 Classes
List of Intensive Courses is updated.
30.09.2021 Classes
Notes for English General Language Courses
30.09.2021 Classes
[To students who entered the Senior Division on or before AY2019] Notice of Cross-disciplinary Program "Trilingual East Asian Studies"
30.09.2021 Classes
2021 A Semester Timetables and Other Handouts
30.09.2021 Classes
Registration for Sub-programs and others (PEAK Senior Division AY2021)
30.09.2021 Classes
Request for change from Senior Division Liberal Art Courses to Liberal Arts Courses for Advanced Students
28.09.2021 Classes
Note Introductory third foreign language courses that are offered jointly with the Junior Division courses
27.09.2021 Classes
A Semester (including A1 and A2 Terms) AY 2021 Course Registration
17.09.2021 Classes
A Semester 2021 Timetables is uploaded.
14.09.2021 Classes
Regarding the method of offering courses in the Senior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences(2021 A semester (A1 and A2 terms))
09.09.2021 Others
(To students matriculated to Senior Division in A semester 2021) Thu, Sep 30: PEAK Senior Division Guidance
09.09.2021 Others
[From Student Support Section] Exemptions/Deferred Payment of Tuition for the Second Half of 2021 Important
27.08.2021 Events
EAA Global Lecture Series #2 "Interactive Analysis, Language Barriers and Medical Consultations"By Dr. Shuangyu Li
24.08.2021 Others
Grade Confirmation for 2021 S Semester(Updated August 24, 10:55 a.m.)
18.08.2021 Others
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] Call for Supporters for New International Students
17.08.2021 Events
【From Public Relations Group】President dialogue with students (English Session)
16.08.2021 Others
Message on Measures for the Prevention of COVID-19
13.08.2021 Others
2021 Autumn Semester Diploma Presentation and Commencement Ceremony
12.08.2021 Others
List of Graduands for Autumn 2021, College of Arts and Sciences(PEAK) Important
02.08.2021 Others
Academic Gown for Commencement Ceremony (From Monday, August 2)
02.08.2021 Others
Increase in the number of reservation slots for COVID-19 vaccination

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