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Last modified on September 13, 2023


27.07.2021 Events
Summer Study Abroad Advising session
27.07.2021 Others
Recruitment for New GO Tutors (A Semester 2021-)
01.07.2021 Events
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] "MINDFULNESS Workshop"(July 12, 19:00~@Zoom)
01.07.2021 Others
Now we are on Twitter! (News from Center for International Exchange, Globalization Office)
29.06.2021 Others
Notice on opening the back gate of the Komaba I Campus: from July 1
24.06.2021 Events
【From Globalization Office】Everything About My Country
23.06.2021 Events
Online event 6/30 , "A Bite of the World ~Food Sharing across Borders~ GS Event 2021S"
23.06.2021 Others
Submission of "Graduation Thesis" and "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" by Students Graduating from Faculty of Arts and Sciences in August 2021 Important
22.06.2021 Events
【Call for Applications】2021 EAA Summer Institute with Peking University
15.06.2021 Events
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] "Hawaiian Night & Moonlight Talk"(June 25, 19:00~@Zoom)
14.06.2021 Events
Study Abroad Post-Return Presentations
14.06.2021 Events
Intercultural exchange "Senryu" festival 
31.05.2021 Others
(Repost)"Information Security Education" for All Users of the UTokyo Computer Services Important
18.05.2021 Others
Office Hours (2021 May-July)
12.05.2021 Others
Register your current address, and email address on UTAS (Safety Confirmation System) Important
12.05.2021 Events
[From International Education Support Office Komaba Branch] "BUDO & MEET-UP at Home"(May 21, 19:00~@Zoom)
11.05.2021 Events
Round -table Talk with UNICEF Staff @Zoom
10.05.2021 Others
[To JEA Students Graduating in August 2021] Submission of "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" Deadline: Friday, June 4 Important
30.04.2021 Classes
Caution: Rules for Online Classes Important
30.04.2021 Others
"Information Security Education" for All Users of the UTokyo Computer Services Important
27.04.2021 Events
"Photo Sharing Exchange Event" on April 30th @Zoom
20.04.2021 Others
Application for Certificate of Completion for the University-wide Education Program for those completing the course in September
16.04.2021 Others
Handling of Credits Earned at Overseas Universities ※Application Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021
15.04.2021 Others
Part-Time Job Offer (Cross-disciplinary Program "Global Studies")
13.04.2021 Events
General Guidance for Global Praxis courses: Junior Division Thematic courses "Global Praxis" & Senior Division "Global Praxis (Advanced) "
09.04.2021 Classes
Request for change from Senior Division Liberal Art Courses to Liberal Arts Courses for Advanced Students
07.04.2021 Classes
Registration for Sub-programs and others (PEAK Senior Division AY2021)
07.04.2021 Classes
Registration Forms for Sub-programs and others AY2021
06.04.2021 Classes
2021 S Semester Timetables and Other Handouts
06.04.2021 Classes
[To ES Students Graduating in March 2022] Registration of "Special Seminar" and "Special Research Work"
02.04.2021 Classes
S Semester (including S1 and S2 Terms) AY 2021 Course Registration Important
02.04.2021 Classes
Note Introductory third foreign language courses that are offered jointly with the Junior Division courses Important
01.04.2021 Others
Notice of Tuition Fee Payment & Direct Debit
26.03.2021 Events
Online Welcome Party 2021【2nd, April】
26.03.2021 Classes
List of Classroom and Timetable Changes is updated.
23.03.2021 Classes
S Semester 2021 Timetables are uploaded. Important
23.03.2021 Others
(from the Dean) Status of the campus shifted to Stage Yellow from March 22 Important
12.03.2021 Others
To students from the area affected by the landslide in Itoigawa City, Niigata Pref.
12.03.2021 Others
Office Hours Change from March to April 2021
11.03.2021 Others
List of Graduands for Spring 2021, College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK) Important
08.03.2021 Others
(from the Dean) Stage Orange will be kept until March 21st Important
04.03.2021 Others
[From Student Support Section] For the students who are from the area affected by the wildfire in Ashikaga City, Tochigi
03.03.2021 Others
Automatic Certificate Issuing Machines will be Out of Service : March 31, 3:00 p.m. - April 1, 10:00 a.m.
03.03.2021 Others
Grade Confirmation Request for 2020 A Semester
22.02.2021 Events
[Call for participants(Zoom webinar)] International Women's Day Special Event at the University of Tokyo, "The Road to Inclusive Society"
19.02.2021 Others
Group-II Students Medical Check-ups: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (Excluding New Students Enrolled in April, 2021) and Research Students
18.02.2021 Events
2021 Spring Diploma Conferment Ceremony Important
16.02.2021 Others
[From Student Support Section]Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the First Half of 2021 Important
12.02.2021 Events
[Repost]Academic Gown for University's Ceremony
08.02.2021 Others
[Updated] Office Hours Change due to Entrance Exams and Spring Holidays

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