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12.06.2017 Others
Temporary Changes in Counter Service Hours During Summer Vacation
05.06.2017 Others
《Environment, Health, and Safety Dept》 Safety & Health Slogan Contest Content
01.06.2017 Others
(To Senior Division Students) Services of the Academic Affairs Division during the System Changeover Important
30.05.2017 Others
《Student Support Division》 ATTENTION: A Sexual Pervert Reported (May 28)
29.05.2017 Others
Temporary Changes in Certificate Issuance Service due to the Academic System Changeover
24.05.2017 Others
《International Student Section》 Resident Assistant for PEAK Students
19.05.2017 Others
Notice - Campus Clean-up at Komaba : Monday 12 June
17.05.2017 Others
Changeover of the Academic Affairs System at UTokyo Important
17.05.2017 Others
《Student Support Division》 ATTENTION: Flasher Reported (May 14, May 2 )
26.04.2017 Others
Application for Certificate of Completion for the University-wide Education Program for those completing the course in September
26.04.2017 Others
《CENTRE FOR GLOBAL COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES》 Subsidized IELTS exams to be offered again this year
10.04.2017 Others
《Globalization Office》 TOEFL Information Session (only in Japanese)
05.04.2017 Others
《Division for Health Service Center》Medical Check-ups for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (Excluding New Students Enrolled in April, 2017) and Research Students
30.03.2017 Others
《Globalization Office》 Application for GO Tutors is now open!! (S Semester 2017)
28.03.2017 Others
《Global FD Symposium》 "Getting to the Heart of Learning: Evidence-based Learning in Science Education." : April 23
28.03.2017 Others
《Global FD Symposium》 Message to the U of Tokyo students from Dr. Carl Wieman, recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics (2001): April 22
22.03.2017 Others
Announcement for ES March 2017 Graduands
09.03.2017 Others
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences Diploma Conferment Ceremony
09.03.2017 Others
The University of Tokyo 2017 Spring Commencement Ceremony
09.03.2017 Others
Lists of graduands and students certified to have completed Sub-program for the spring 2017 PEAK, College of Arts and Sciences
08.03.2017 Others
《Disability Services Office》 Disability Service Workshop (only in Japanese)
03.03.2017 Others
《Division for Information and communication systems》 UTokyo WiFi service released
23.02.2017 Others
《International Affairs Division》 Call for Participants to the Association of Pacific Rim Universities and New York Times Asia-Pacific Case Competition 2017
16.02.2017 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Okuma-machi, Fukushima Pref. (Learning Support) , March 2017 (only in Japanese)
27.01.2017 Others
Changes in Counter Service Hours during Spring Vacation
25.01.2017 Others
《Student Support Division》 Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the First Half of AY 2017
25.01.2017 Others
Maintenance period for the networking system on Komaba Campus I
17.01.2017 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) , February 2017 (only in Japanese)
10.01.2017 Others
Temporary Changes in Office Hours due to Entrance Examinations
22.12.2016 Others
Counter Services during Year-end & New Year Holidays (Update: Dec 20)
21.12.2016 Others
Academic Gown for the Graduation Ceremony March 2017
20.12.2016 Others
Postponement of the Changeover of the University of Tokyo Academic affairs System
19.12.2016 Others
Precautions for the New Year Holiday
15.12.2016 Others
Disposal of Abandoned Bicycles on Komaba campus
09.12.2016 Others
The University of Tokyo 2017 Spring Commencement Ceremony
07.12.2016 Others
Application for President's Award for Students AY2016
02.12.2016 Others
Notification on Selection Results for Tuition Fee Exemption/Deferment for the Second Half , AY 2016
29.11.2016 Others
《Division of Health and Health Promotion》 Influenza Vaccination, adding held (Hongo)
21.11.2016 Others
Notice - Campus clean-up at Komaba
18.11.2016 Others
JEA Lecture Series 4 (Dec. 2): The East Asian Order at a Turning Point: Integration vs Competition
09.11.2016 Others
Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine will be out of service (11/14, 11/22)
09.11.2016 Others
Counter Closure due to Komaba Festival
07.11.2016 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) , November - December 2016 (only in Japanese)
27.10.2016 Others
《Division of Health and Health Promotion》 Influenza Vaccination
24.10.2016 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Rikuzentakata, Iwate Pref. (Learning Support) , October - November 2016 (only in Japanese)
14.10.2016 Others
《CENTRE FOR GLOBAL COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES》 IELTS Group Application: PEAK students are now eligible
03.10.2016 Others
Notice of Tuition Fee Payment & Direct Debit Important
26.09.2016 Others
GPES Application forms for September 2017 entry now available *Application Period: November 1 to November 25, 2016 (Schedule 1)
21.09.2016 Others
Temporary Counter Closure on Sept 23 due to the Welcome Ceremony
21.09.2016 Others
《Globalization Office》 Recruitment of GO Tutors

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