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14.12.2018 Others
(For ES 3rd year April-entry students) Sat, Jan 5 10:00-10:30: Guidance Session for the Graduation Project
14.12.2018 Others
《Global Komaba》Tokyo: Visibility and Invisibility
10.12.2018 Others
《Global Komaba》[For Senior Division Students / Graduate School Students] Resident Assistant for PEAK Students (April to March Period of 2019-20)
07.12.2018 Others
Office Hours Change during the Year - end and New Year Holidays
03.12.2018 Others
《Student Support Division》Notification on Selection Results for Tuition Fee Exemption/Deferment for the Second Half, AY 2018
19.11.2018 Others
《Globalization Office》EVERYTHING ABOUT MY COUNTRY #4 the Americas
16.11.2018 Others
《General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division》Notice - Campus Clean-up at Komaba
13.11.2018 Others
Office Hours Change due to Komaba Festival
09.11.2018 Others
(To JEA Students Graduating in March 2019) Submission of "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" Deadline: 4:30p.m. on Thursday, November 22 Important
08.11.2018 Others
Resident Assistant for PEAK Students (April to March Period of 2019-20), Application period: Tuesday, November 6 - 4:50 p.m. Monday, December 3, 2018
05.11.2018 Others
UTokyo WiFi Account
31.10.2018 Others
《Globalization Office》TOEFL Explanatory Session on Nov 5 (in Japanese)
31.10.2018 Others
《UTokyo-UC Berkeley Strategic Partnership 》Lectures by Prof. John Lie (UC Berkeley) on Nov 28 and Dec 4
29.10.2018 Others
《Division for Health Service Center》Influenza Vaccination
25.10.2018 Others
"Information Security Education" for All Users of the UTokyo Computer Services Important
23.10.2018 Others
Handling of Credits Earned at Overseas Universities ※Application Deadline: 4:50 p.m. Monday, November 12 Important
15.10.2018 Others
(Update)Earthquake Response Drill to be held on October 24th (Wed), 12:00- Briefing sessions on October 17th, Lunch time.
15.10.2018 Others
Submission of "Graduation Thesis" and "Graduation Thesis Title Notification Sheet" by Students Graduating from Faculty of Arts and Sciences in March 2019 Important
05.10.2018 Others
Notice of Tuition Fee Payment and Direct Debit for the Second Half of AY2018
26.09.2018 Others
《Globalization Office》"Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement: A Success Story " on Oct. 1st.
25.09.2018 Others
Earthquake Response Drill October 24th (Wed), 12:00-
25.09.2018 Others
Free Bicycle Check-up at Komaba Campas
12.09.2018 Others
Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the Second Half of 2018 (Repost)
12.09.2018 Others
Invitation to PEAK & GPEAK Welcome Ceremony
06.09.2018 Others
Sep 14: PEAK/GPEAK Diploma Conferment Ceremony
21.08.2018 Others
【From Volunteer Support Team】Financial Support for Volunteer Activity for the Heavy Rain in July
21.08.2018 Others
Grade Confirmation Request for 2018 S Semester
17.08.2018 Others
List of Graduands for Autumn 2018, College of Arts and Sciences
17.08.2018 Others
List of Students Certified to Have Completed Sub-program, College of Arts and Sciences, Autumn 2018
07.08.2018 Others
Academic Gown for University's Ceremony
07.08.2018 Others
(PEAK ES) Graduation Research Project Laboratory Assignment (starting from Autumn Semester 2018))
26.07.2018 Others
Confirm your UTokyo Account before Leaving Japan Important
23.07.2018 Others
Office hour change during the summer vacation (2018 Aug.-Sep.)
18.07.2018 Others
For students who has been affected by the heavy rain in July 2018【From International Student Support Room】
18.07.2018 Others
To students who has been affected by the heavy rain in July 2018
17.07.2018 Others
【For Japanese students who expect to graduate in September 2018 or March 2019】Questionnaire about your job hunting
12.07.2018 Others
《General Affairs Division》 Precautions When Using Bicycles (in Japanese)
12.07.2018 Others
August 7 Mendeley workshop in English Registration is Now Open!
11.07.2018 Others
July 23, PEAK Pre-Commencement Celebration
10.07.2018 Others
【From Student Support Section】For students who are from the area which was suffered from the severe rain in July
10.07.2018 Others
Friday, September 21: PEAK Senior Division Guidance
06.07.2018 Others
05.07.2018 Others
Exemptions/ Deferred Payment of Tuition for the Second Half of 2018
29.06.2018 Others
Sep 14: The University of Tokyo 2018 Autumn Semester Diploma Presentation/ Commencement Ceremony
25.06.2018 Others
【From Scholarship Section】For students whose family were suffered from the earthquake(hypocencter:North part of Osaka)
18.06.2018 Others
Disposal of Abandoned Bicycles on Komaba campus
15.06.2018 Others
《UT-VC》 Call for Volunteer Workers at Okuma-machi, Fukushima Pref. (Learning Support) , August 2018 (only in Japanese)
12.06.2018 Others
UTokyo Graduation Album: Photo Shooting
01.06.2018 Others
2018 Campus Asia Undergraduate Student Summer Program with Yuanpei College, Peking University and College of Liberal Studies, Seoul National University
30.05.2018 Others
Career Seminars "Link to the world-Exploring your Career Path with Global Companies- co-sponsored by JETRO, International Student Support Room/Career Support Office, UTokyo

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