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Area Studies

Based upon the academic principles of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences - cross-cutting interdisciplinarity and outreaching internationality - the Department of Area Studies conducts advanced research on fields spanning over the humanities and social sciences. Its history started with the establishment of the Department of Liberal Arts as part of the undergraduate specialised division in 1951. With the enlargement of its organisation in 1983, it became a part of the newly-founded Graduate Division of International and Interdisciplinary Studies. Today the organisation is structured around the five central courses of 'European and Russian Area Studies', 'Mediterranean and Islamic Area Studies', 'North, Central and South American Area Studies', 'Asia Pacific Area Studies' and 'Multidimensional Analysis of World Structure'. There are approximately 50 teaching staff and 300 graduate students. It continues to be active as an integrated graduate school, conducting research on a wide range of issues including literature, philosophy, history, politics, economics, and sociology.

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