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The University of Tokyo Learning System

From fundamentals to the forefront -
In the first two years (Junior Division), a broad Liberal Arts education
From the third year (Senior Division), extensive specialised study

A key feature of the undergraduate education at the University of Tokyo is that the Junior Division is devoted to a broad and robust Liberal Arts education, designed to provide the students with a wide array of basic skills, together with an academic capacity that is applicable to a diverse range of specialised fields. During the first two years, students come in contact with the forefront of various academic disciplines. Having gained an understanding of their own aptitudes they look for, and decide upon, their choice of a Senior Division department where they continue their studies on an advanced level. This is known as Late Specialisation.
At the Senior Division, each faculty and department provides a diverse range of courses in order to enhance the students' talent and lead them to the cutting-edge of the field.

Key features of educational experience at the University of Tokyo

A diverse and advanced range of study options
High-quality teaching by academics conducting world-leading research
A stimulating atmosphere surrounded by excellent fellow students who become life-long friends and rivals

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