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Komaba Day Care Center

Komaba Day Care Center The Komaba Day Care Center has been providing day care services for children of the university staff and students as well as of the neighbouring community for nearly 40 years since its establishment in 1971. In 2004, due to growing concerns about the aging building's safety especially following the Great Hanshin earthquake, the Center moved from its old site near the back gate of the Komaba Campus to its current location - south of the tennis court reserved for university staff - and has been re-established as a day care center to facilitate gender-equal participation. The new day care center has been granted a Type-A certification by the Metropolitan Government, and is run by an NPO, Komaba Hoiku no Kai (Komaba Day Care Association). Once the children are big enough to do turn overs in their sleep and progress from diapers to underpants, they become active playing in the mud and taking walks all over the Komaba campus. Once they reach the age of four, children at the center take a try at climbing Mt. Takao and start cleaning the floor with a cloth every morning to learn the value of work. Mischievous boys and romping girls cheerfully attend the day care center every day.

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