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Trilingual Program (TLP)

With the rapid advance of globalisation, professionals who are active on a global scale are increasingly expected to possess not only a high level of English proficiency, but also a command of at least one other foreign language. In response to such a trend, in 2013, the College of Arts and Sciences started a new 'Trilingual Program' (TLP) as part of the University of Tokyo's 'Global Human Resource Development Program'. TLP is a special course within the Junior Division of College of Arts and Sciences, aimed at students who are considered to have a certain level of English Language proficiency. The objective is to nurture individuals who are proficient in not only Japanese and English, but also in one other foreign language. The Program lasts 3 semesters during the period of attendance at the Junior Division of College of Arts and Sciences. The Program will be made available to 75 students, selected from those considered to possess an English Language ability at the level corresponding to 'Kyōyō Eigo: Group I' . Students who are eligible for consideration (approximately 300 students in each year group) will be informed of this upon matriculation, and there will be an information session.

For 2013, the inaugural year, the foreign language on offer alongside English will be Chinese only. At present, it has not yet been decided whether more languages will be made available from 2014 onwards. For this academic year, those wishing to enrol on TLP must select Chinese as their Shoshu (Ab initio) Foreign Language when completing their entrance registration for the University. Please note, however, that even where admission to TLP is not granted, it will not be possible to change the choice of Shoshu Foreign Language (Chinese) after the initial selection.

In addition to regular, compulsory Shoshu Foreign Language (Chinese) classes (three times a week for Humanities and Social Sciences Students, twice a week for Natural Sciences Students), TLP students will take an elective course in 'Global Chinese Language' twice a week (three times a week for Natural Sciences Students). In this way, starting from scratch, students will be able to develop advanced Chinese Language skills. Furthermore, during their second year summer vacation, students who are particularly able will be selected to participate in a Summer Program at a Chinese university (credits will be awarded in the fourth semester) For those seeking to become professionals of a global scale, from East Asia as their base, Chinese, together with English, provides an essential communication tool. We look forward to welcoming students who are able, eager for a challenge, and aspiring to play an active role in the world with a global vision.


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