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Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence (KOMEX)

KOMEX (Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence) is an intra-college organization founded on 1st April 2010, through the merging of the former KOMED (Komaba Educational Development) and the former Center for Life Science Systems . As an organization, we aim to promote pedagogical research for the development of future global leaders, and have distributed our results to universities across Japan. We also work on 'structuring knowledge', taking life sciences as the lead, as well as the development of optimal educational environments, including the use of ICT or methods that emphasize debating and problem-solving skills. Our organizational structure is based on organic co-operation of the following three groups:


Organizational structure

Developing (developing a liberal arts program that is relevant to current issues)
Connecting (developing teamwork)
Expanding (internationalizing the liberal arts program)

Division of Advanced Education in Science
Division of Science Interpreter Training Program
Division of Social Outreach
Division of Active Learning and Teaching

Division of International Cooperation
Division of First-Year Education
Special Division of Environmental and Energy Sciences

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