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Graduate Program on Environmental Sciences (GPES)

The Graduate Program on Environmental Sciences (GPES) is an extension of its undergraduate counterpart, the International Program on Environmental Sciences. The undergraduate program trains students to develop a unique set of skills, allowing them to analyze, critique, propose and define environmental policy from economic, cultural and political viewpoints, based on a platform of basic science and technology, which covers aspects from basic physics and chemistry to environmental processes such as ecological systems and methods for measuring global material circulation. The graduate program deepens this concept, and fosters human assets who will be able to address deep-rooted problems in an expert manner. Students are able to choose their area of specialization from a wide range of relevant fields including natural and agricultural sciences, industrial technologies, and social sciences, including economics, politics and other related disciplines.

Since this program wishes to be open to people from all over the world with variety of backgrounds concerning environmental issues, students are able to complete their degrees by taking classes instructed in the English language alone. Students not only work with researchers in the Department of Multi-Disciplinary Sciences, but under the cooperation of the University of Tokyo's various graduate schools and research institutes, are also able to research across a wide variety of fields while being affiliated with their respective laboratories. GPES accepts a wide variety of students, from those who wish to address certain environmental issues, or those who wish to contribute to the betterment of society, to those who aspire to become researchers and deepen their academic research.

For more information about the program and its entrance examinations, please refer to the Graduate Program on Environmental Sciences (GPES) website.


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