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Global Humanities Program (GHP)

The Global Humanities Program (GHP) is a new type of graduate education grogram established through the close cooperation of four departments in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Language and Information Sciences, Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Area Studies, and Advanced Social and International Studies). We are living in a highly complicated age in which the progress of globalization is leading to growing global unification. At the same time, this process of globalization is also revealing the pluralized nature of global society, characterized by differences in economic development and culture. It is an age characterized by world-wide clashes and tension that arise due to differences in perspectives. It is also a time when changes in gender, ethics and interaction with foreigners are shaking up the foundation of our lives. In times like these, the ability to understand and to communicate with others in an interactive way while positioning ourselves against the global background holds great importance. The goal of the Graduate Program on Global Humanities is to foster students who will be able to contribute to the realization of a pluralist global society through practical training, as well as through gaining skills and techniques that are essential to the field of "Global Humanities."

The program offers Master's and Doctoral courses. Students in the program will belong to one of the existing four departments, while endeavoring to analyze and understanding the problems that a pluralist global society faces. Those who successfully complete this program will be awarded a Master's (Global Studies) or a Ph.D. (Global Studies) Degree. Roughly 12 students for the Master's course and six students for the Doctoral course are accepted each year. Graduates are expected to make significant contributions, both within Japan and internationally, to the practical realization of a truly globalized society. The world is focusing its attention on Japan's transmission of knowledge from East Asia. The program is deeply committed to breaking new ground with the concept of a global pluralist society. For more information about the program and its entrance examinations, please refer to the Global Humanities Program (GHP) website.icon_window.gif


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