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Cultural and Musical Activities

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Organ Committee

In 1977, following a generous donation from Mr. Taikichiro Mori (founding president of Mori Building Co., Ltd.) a pipe organ was installed in Classroom Number 900 (Lecture Theater) surrounded by greenery. Although a small organ with a pedalboard, two manuals and a total of 12 stops, it is equipped with a tremulant and a coupler, allowing performances with rich tones.

The organ is managed by the College of Arts and Sciences Organ Committee. One of their tasks is to plan and organise regular concerts. From the first concert in 1977 to commemorate the completion of the organ, there have been three to four concerts every year, giving rise to a total of 122 concerts to date (as of July 2011). The concerts are not only open to faculty members and students but also to the wider public for free. With performances ranging from famous organists in and out of Japan to energetic and promising young performers, the concerts are of high quality.

Since 1998, the Committee has also been organising organ classes one to two times a year for university faculty members and students. Learners are able to play and deepen their understanding of the organ under guidance tailored for their level. Schedules for regular concerts and classes can be found on the College of Arts and Sciences Newsletter, as well as on university announcements and on the Organ Committee website.


Piano Committee

In autumn 2006, a Steinway concert grand piano (model D-274) was installed in the music classroom of the Komaba Communication Plaza North Building. In the room, there are also three Yamaha grand pianos and a Winter upright piano, which are used by students for club activities or for individual use. The Steinway is only used for special purposes, and its use and maintenance is managed by the Piano Committee along with the other pianos.

For example, the Piano Committee organises concerts on the Steinway every spring and autumn, inviting famous leading pianists such as Ms. Michie Koyama to perform. Concerts by students selected by audition is also held every spring and autumn.


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