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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences puts emphasis on advanced Liberal Arts education, whilst aiming to carry out interdisciplinary teaching and research that embraces the diverse developments within the scholarship. Its fundamental principle is to prize teaching and research that opens up a global vision to address our rapidly changing world, and to foster confidence in each and every student and train individuals who can thrive in this age and society. The department is made up of three fields of study, differing in their focus and approach: 'Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies', 'Area Studies', and 'Social and International Relations'. Each field of study consists of multiple courses, and all together, there are 18 unique courses that are interconnected with one another, creating an interdisciplinary space of intellect.

Key features of the curriculum include small group teaching which values student initiative, a sub-major programs system established to address increasingly complex issues and diverse interests, and a requirement of two foreign languages and advanced foreign language training in response to our increasingly globalised society.
The department aims to train cosmopolitan individuals who can think independently and go forth in the bustling world of today.

In October 2012, a new program conducted entirely in English (PEAK) was established at the College of Arts and Sciences; the Senior Division of the program, 'The International Program on Japan in East Asia', falls under the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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