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Advanced Social and International Studies

In the world of today, the process of globalisation has been accompanied by an unprecedented growth of interdependence between countries. Ethnic and religious confrontations are on the rise against a backdrop of transnational movements of capital, goods and people, and in the realms of global environmental conservation and stabilisation of capital markets, there have been attempts at co-operation. Given such state of affairs, it is vital that social analysis does not confine itself to the boundaries of the nation, but that it too transcends those national boundaries. In analysing economic phenomena, for instance, it would be unrealistic to remove from consideration non-economic factors as given conditions, when such economic phenomena are not only affected by social, political and cultural conditions, but also have an impact on them in reverse. Thus individual social phenomena must be analysed with an integrated approach that goes beyond the boundaries between economics, societies, politics and cultures, whilst also paying due attention to the international dimensions. With such a perspective, the Department of Social and International Studies places a focus upon the relations between states in factual analyses, and regarding analytical frameworks, upon the interdisciplinarity within the fields of social sciences, in the aim of analysing modern society.

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