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IAGS Center for African Studies

Africa is now undergoing a massive transition in the contemporary world. 50 years since 1960, the 'Year of Africa', the continent has seen great economic growth at a macro level, in part due to the development of new natural resources. Yet, at present the benefits are felt by only a limited part of society. We aim to explore this rapidly changing continent using an approach that draws from both the humanities and the social sciences. With the incorporation of the globally emerging paradigm of 'human security', we support and promote various research activities focusing on Africa, such as theoretical and empirical research on the modern social, political and economic dynamics of the continent; field-based research of violent conflict and state formation or collapse; and critical analyses of past and current policy on Africa. We also hold seminars and symposiums that invite researchers and practitioners from both Japan and abroad, and publish our research in regular newsletters. In this way, we aim to contribute the fruits of our research back to society, as well as maintain a close collaborative approach with the wider society and the international community.


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