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IAGS Center for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS)

The Center for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS) was established in its present form in April 2000. It replaces the previous Center for American Studies (CAS) founded in 1967 as an institution devoted to collecting primary and secondary sources on the politics, economics, and culture of the United States, as well as other materials pertaining to US-Japan relations. The first Center for American Studies to be established at a national university in Japan, its library been open to the public from the beginning, attracting scholars from both Japan and other parts of the world. While continuing to serve these functions, CPAS has been further enhancing its library resources, in particular by adding materials relating to Oceania and Canada. In 2010, the CPAS became part of the Institute for Advanced Global Studies.

As of March 2011, the Center's extensive library holdings comprise approximately 70000 books (including bound periodicals, microfilms, and audio visual materials), in addition to ongoing subscriptions to 730 different periodicals in research areas including Political Science, Economics, and History, etc.

In the area of research, the Center's promotes various projects, offers seminars with invited speakers especially from the United States and Australia, and organizes international conferences. With Japan-U.S. relations currently undergoing major changes and interest in the Asia-Pacific region on the rise, the Center also hosts public symposia on an annual basis attracting large audiences. The Center publishes its research proceedings as the journal Pacific and American Studies, a CPAS Newsletter containing information about the Center's latest activities, and an occasional monograph series.



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