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IAGS Research Center for Sustainable Peace

'Sustainable peace' is a movement that aims to establish a stable and harmonious society, in which the rights and dignity of every individual is protected without the use of fear or oppression. Such a concept, together with the globally emerging paradigm of 'human security', forms a key part of our research. Our activities include theoretical and historical research, including the redefining of 'peace'; discourse analysis; field-based research in new or ongoing conflict areas around the world; action-based research for peaceworkers, etc. Through such evidence-based research, we aim to support and promote peace, as well as research that analyses and critiques peace-related policy. We also hold seminars and symposiums, inviting researchers and practitioners from both Japan and abroad as guest speakers, and publish our research in regular newsletters. In this way, we aim to contribute the fruits of our research back to society, as well as maintain a close collaborative approach with the wider society and the international community.

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