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The sub-department of Basic Science was established in 1994, after two departments in the Graduate School of Science, the Department of the Correlative Study of Physics and Chemistry and the Department of History of Science, became independent and were integrated into one. Within the department, there is a group specializing in natural sciences, which, , based on the principle of 'from quarks to intelligent materials', covers everything from elementary particles, atomic nuclei, atoms, molecules to various complex systems, and aspires to advance research in the extensive, cutting-edge field of material sciences. There is also a group dedicated to the history and philosophy of science, which conducts research on science and technology and its relationship to society, using methods from the humanities and social sciences. The sub-department as a whole is structured to allow researchers from both groups to benefit from mutual interaction and stimulation, and together, the department promotes transdisciplinary research unbounded by the traditional disciplinary divides. Basic Science aims to nurture problem-solvers who can search for a way of realizing a symbiotic relationship between science and society Currently, there are 73 full-time faculty members (professors, associate professors, lecturers, and assistant professors), and 174 Master's and Doctoral students. This allows for a close-knit educational and research environment with a student-faculty ratio of roughly 2:1. The department is open to a wide range of students who have studied physics, chemistry, or the history and philosophy of science at undergraduate or graduate level, and who wish to acquire advanced, specialized knowledge and conduct proactive, cutting-edge research.


Life Sciences Basic Science General Systems Studies

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