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General Systems Studies

In General Systems Studies, we frame a variety of problems that manifest in the natural and human worlds from a system-based perspective, with a focus on its structure, function, behaviour, evolution and control. The specialist expertise of our staff ranges widely, including systems theory and practice, information science, graphic science, earth sciences and astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, geochemistry, behavioural biology, human geography, and science policy planning. Our research approach not only focuses on gaining depth in insight and methodology for the separate disciplines, but also on their integration from a systems-based perspective. Our areas of focus cover breadth in both discipline and level: mathematical systems such as control systems or systems optimisation; natural systems in which a variety of matter and life integrate and interact; information systems in which humans and computers interact; human and socio-environmental systems; urban and regional systems; systems in science and technology, etc. Above all, we aim to encourage individuals to develop a 'system mindset'. For this, it is essential to understand and apply a variety of methodology - including systems theory, mathematical sciences, information sciences, statistics, planning theory, etc. - as well as gain a deep knowledge of relevant natural and social systems, such as energy, matter, life, behaviour, earth sciences, urban and regional systems etc.

Within the Department of General Systems Studies, we have four divisions, corresponding to the areas of expertise of our research staff: Systems Theory, Information Systems, Global Systems, and Complex Systems Planning. This does not mean that we intend these disciplines to be treated separately, but rather, to encourage greater cross-disciplinary research from their coexistence.


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