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North American Studies

It is often said that the history of the United States of America is shallow - but is this really the case? From its beginnings as a colony of European settlers in the early seventeenth century, the United States has since experienced tremendous historical change, and has achieved a true transformation from colony to superpower. The speed and ferocity of this transition has given the United States a unique history that cannot be compared to any other county. This history is by no means shallow.

In a study room of the North
American Studies course
In the North American Studies course, students study the regional cultures of the United States, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and the Pacific Islands, as well as the relationship of the United States with Europe and Asia. Another key aim is to gain practical insights from the experiences of peoples in North America into the knowledge and systems required for the coexistence of diverse ethnic and gender identities.

Specialized courses including compulsory courses are taught in English, and both the graduation thesis and the oral examination are to be completed in English. It is therefore vital that students develop a high proficiency in the language over the course of their study. Graduates of this course have built on the skills they had gained here to become successful in a variety of fields. We welcome all students who possess the right enthusiasm, self-discipline and perseverance for the acquisition of specialist expertise and foreign language.



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