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Institute for Advanced Global Studies (IAGS)

The Institute for Advanced Global Studies (IAGS) was established in April 2010 as a joint institutional home for the Center for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS), the Center for German and European Studies (DESK), the Center for African Studies, the Research Center for Sustainable Development, and the Research Center for Sustainable Peace. While CPAS and DESK existed as research institutions affiliated with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences already, the three remaining centers emerging from the Graduate Program on Human Security (HSP) were newly added. (For details on these institutions, click on the link below.)

A major factor in establishing this new Institute was the rapidly developing trend toward globalization in all areas of human civilization, including the environment, economics, politics and science, since the 1990s. The Graduate School of Arts and Science, whose mission is to be at the forefront of international and interdisciplinary research, found itself faced with new scientific tasks in complementing research focused on societal issues in particular nations or regions, with investigation of problems impacting societies on a global scale. In addition to covering North and South America, Europe, Oceania and Africa as regions, the five initial research centers are given the task of studying problems faced by humanity as a whole, such as war, civil war, terrorism, poverty, famine, internationally organized crime, drugs, climate change and environmental pollution in a quest for sustainable peace and development. While such problems need to be investigated from theoretical and scientific points of view, they also call for dynamic collaboration between the world of academia and the world of practice. With this in mind, the IAGS seeks to position itself in-between a purely academic and a predominantly practical approach, in an effort at bridging the gap between them.

In 2011, two new research centers were launched as part of the IAGS: the University of Tokyo Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Center for Asian Studies. With these additions, the scope of research and practice at the IAGS has become truly global in the literal sense of including all regions of the world in its thematic reach. Each of its member institutions strives to take research with a close regional focus to new heights, while reflecting on its global implications and dimensions at the same time.

The Global Studies Initiative, GSI

By implementing the Global Studies Initiative at the College of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo strives to foster a broad global perspective and deep understanding of the diverse cultures and societies around the world. GSI develops the capabilities of students and scholars to find solutions to the problems arising out of globalization.

GSI aims to become a world center of excellence for global studies by making full use of the resources available within the University of Tokyo and its related organizations to pioneer new areas in the humanities and social sciences. International joint research is promoted through the GSI Overseas Caravan Research Project as well as other research activities centered around the Institute for Advanced Global Studies (IAGS). GSI also collaborates with the East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts (EAA), the East Asia Liberal Arts Initiative (EALAI), and other key innovative projects at the University of Tokyo.


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