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Todai Liberal Arts Program (LAP)

The Todai Liberal Arts Program (LAP) Nanjing aims to promote the new interdisciplinary liberal arts program at Komaba to Chinese universities.

The beginning of LAP's activities dates back to 2004, when the Tokyo University Center for Liberal Arts Academic Exchange in Nanjing was established as an overseas branch of the university. With this as a base, the University of Tokyo has since collaborated with Nanjing University to organise a series of liberal arts programs, such as the intensive lecture series in Culture and Representation held in March every year. In 2009, the separation of China-related programs from the East Asia Liberal Arts Initiative (EALAI) led to the founding of LAP, which in 2010 became part of the Internationalization Division of the newly established KOMEX.

Since 2004, LAP has been sending around ten academic staff to China every March to run the intensive lecture series and various seminars, with Nanjing University as the main collaborator. Taking 'Tokyo University lectures in China' as our mission, we have designed a liberal arts curriculum that will allow Chinese students to gain experience of a new form of education, and promote mutual academic inspiration between China and Japan. As students of the intensive lecture series often do not understand Japanese, Nanjing University students provide simultaneous interpretation into Chinese, and the lecture series can thus be counted as an official elective course at Nanjing University.

Since 2010, we have been sending some of our students to the intensive lecture series at Nanjing as well, in order to facilitate discussion between students of both universities. In return, we have also been inviting students from Nanjing University to the ' University of Tokyo taster week' for an experience of everyday campus life at the university. Our mission at LAP is the direct transmission of University of Tokyo courses to China, and in doing so, the promotion of a vibrant academic exchange that may stimulate a new form of liberal arts education in East Asia.



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