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Student Support Division - List of Contacts

Section Support Available Location Opening hours Telephone number
Student Support Section Issuing of Student ID and Certificate of Enrolment; Notice board administration; Classroom and Equipment Hire; Short-term student loans, Car entry and Parking permission; Bicycle parking registration; Lost and Found; Student societies administration Administration Building Counter Number 8 Monday -Friday 9:00 - 16:50 03-5454-6074
Registration for Extra-Curricular Activity Facilities and University Villas (Sportia) Hire, Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research; Registration for events sponsored by the Athletic Association
First-Year Activity Center 03-5465-8249
Scholarship Section Tuition fee waiver and Scholarships (JASSO, Local Governments, Public Corporations) Administration Building Counter Number 7 03-5454-6075・6076
Student Welfare Section Finding part-time work; Services related to the Mitaka International Hall of Residence Administration Building Counter Number 6 03-5454-6077・6078