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Formats for the procedures (trial run)

A list of the formats required for various procedures is given below. Please note that these formats may be updated and use the latest version for your procedures.

Personal procedures

Please confirm detailed process at each page or 'College Life at Komaba'

PurposeRequired documentsFormatExampleTime required for the acceptance
To get a student commutation ticket Commuter Certification Card Distributed - -
When you move and start to use different station Commuter Certification Card (Bring the Card) - immediately
When you lose your commuter certificate Request for Reissue of Commuter Certification Card PDFicon_pdf.gif - immediately

When you have to go to Hongo campus more than two days a week to take classes

Request for Issue of Student Commuter Certificate and Report on the Course Registration PDFicon_pdf.gif - immediately
When you commute to other places than Komaba for training (regular curriculum only) Request for Issue of Student Commuter Certificate for Training Available at counter - From a few weeks to a month
To commute by bicycle Application for bicycle parking permission Application Form After filling in the form
To retrieve lost properties Lost property report Available at counter -


To report your case of robbery Damage report Excelicon_excel.gif
PDFicon_pdf.gif -

Procedures for student community

PurposeRequired documentsFormatExampleDeadline for application or reportTime required for acceptanceProcessNote
To use classroom Application for using classrooms PDFicon_pdf.gif - A week before the expected use (booking is possible from two weeks) Few days before the use At counter You need to receive the permission certificate
To hold a camp or competition (either on campus or off campus) Report on camp competition off-campus activity


PDFicon_pdf.gif The day before the activity No need for the permission (just a report) At counter

If you do not report, the injury etc may not be covered by insurance.

If your community is registered at Hongo office or part of Undou-kai, report at each counter is additionally required (same formats)

To enter the campus with a vehicle Application for vehicle entry onto campus


PDFicon_pdf.gif Just before the entry Immediately At counter The application on the very day of entry may not be accepted, with excessed numbers of vehicles on the campus.
If you do not submit Report on camp competition off-campus activity, the entry may not be allowed.

To borrow goods Application for borrowing goods Excelicon_excel.gif
PDFicon_pdf.gif The very day Immediately At counter Booking procedure (filling in the documents at counter) is available from about a month before