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Ichiko Shibata Scholarship Fund Application

Ichiko Shibata Scholarship Fund Application

The College of Arts and Sciences has been accepting applications for the Ichiko Shibata Scholarship Fund since the second semester of 2008. The Fund was established from donations to the College and provides financial assistance to students in need, while also taking into account the wishes of the donors.

1. Eligibility

Students who meet all three requirements below are eligible for a scholarship. (Research students and visiting students are ineligible.)

1. Students who are experiencing financial difficulty, while also displaying academic excellence and exceptional character.
2. Students who have had a sudden change of family financial circumstances that makes payment of tuition fees difficult. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, the death of the person primarily responsible for payment of tuition fees, or situations in which students or their providers have experienced sustained damage from storms, floods or other natural disasters.
3. Students who were unable to apply for a tuition-fee waiver or other regular university scholarship programs for the semester of application.

2. Scholarship amount and number of instalments

The scholarship amount will be up to half of the yearly tuition fees, and will be determined based on the financial situation of the student's family. As a general rule, the amount will be paid in one instalment.

3. Application Process

(1) Application period
The application period for each semester is as follows.
First semester: 1st May to 31st August
Second semester: 1st November to 28th (or 29th) February
*Excluding weekends, public holidays, and desk closure dates (stipulated by the university/department)

(2) Application location
Scholarship Section, Student Support Section, College of Arts and Sciences
Desk 7, First Floor, Administration Building

(3) Application documents
Please submit the application form together with the required documents (proof of income etc) to the support desk. Application forms are available from the support desk as necessary.

4. Selection criteria

1. Selection for scholarships will be made according to the same criteria as for the tuition waiver program (household income etc), and may require an interview.
2. Selection decisions will be communicated in writing to all applicants.
First semester: late July (application in May-June) or late September (application in July-August)
Second semester: late January (application in November-December) or late March (application in January-February)

*Selection decisions are communicated after the tuition waiver results for each semester are announced. Students receiving a full or half tuition waiver will not be considered for the scholarship.