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Facilities for Physical Activities

Section in Charge Student Support Division, Student Support Section
Location: Administration Office, Counter 8
Reception Hours

Weekdays 9:00-16:30

※currently 10:00-16:00

Phone Number 03-5454-6074

Indoor Sports Facilities

Gym 1 and Gym2 are used in Physical Education classes, as well as by sport clubs and societies.
Please contact the Student Support Division if you would like to use any of these facilities.

Open Hours Gym 1 8:00-20:30 (excluding scheduled Physical Education classes)
Gym 2 8:00-20:30 (excluding scheduled Physical Education classes)

*Lunch time (12:10-13:00 on weekdays) is available for individual use by submitting the required document to the Student Support Section.
 (Only for the students belonging to the KomabaⅠCampus)

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Athletic Field 1 is used for athletics, American football and handball, while Athletic Field 2 is used for hockey, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, volleyball, and tennis (Omni court).
The two athletic fields are used by sport clubs and societies when there are not used for Physical Education classes. For details on how to use of these fields, please contact the Student Support Division.

Opening Hours 8:00-20:30 (excluding scheduled Physical Education classes)

Shower Rooms

The Shower Rooms are in front of Gym 1 and requires a code to enter, which can be obtained from the Student Support Division.

General Classroom for Sports Training

Martial Arts Gym

This gym opened in 1999 and is located to the north of the Komaba campus. The first floor has a sumo wrestling ring and is used by the Sumo Wrestling club, while the second floor has a boxing ring used by the Boxing Club.

Kyudo Range

Further north of the Martial Arts Gym is the Kyudo Range, which opened in 1987. It is used by the Kyudo Club for practices and matches.