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Borrowing a laptop

In order to utilize school property effectively, support student education and research, and contribute to the making of an eco-campus, the Laptop Reuse Office collects laptops no longer used in departments etc. to lend them out to students for free. (There is a selection process for borrowing laptops.)

You may borrow a laptop for one year for free and you can use it anywhere, both within the campus and at home. If you would like to continue borrowing the laptop after one year, you may renew your contract.

Laptops lent out were previously used in offices, but they have all undergone data cleaning, maintenance, and installation of application and security software by a contracted company, so they may be used immediately.

For information regarding the content of the laptops, application methods, and rules regarding how to use the laptop, please see the Laptop PC Reuse Office website.

URL:http://pcreuse.adm.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ icon_window.gif


We plan to hold the application process three times a year in May, September, and February. (Dates are subject to change.) We will inform students through posters on school bulletin boards, UTask-web, and UT-mate icon_window.gif once applications are open. Please make an application if you are interested.