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Lost Property List

Lost Property List(trial run)

Lost properties can be searched for from the following link.


  • Update of the data may take more than one business day.
  • This page is accessible only from the terminals connected to the on-campus network.
  • We do not list the items which allow the identification of the possessor. If we can identify the possessor from the lost items such as wallets, we contact the possessor.
  • As for the items which do not belong to any of the categories below, the list is not available online.
  • If you come to retrieve the lost properties, please bring the certificate of your status, such as student ID or staff ID.
  1. Wallet
  2. USB flash drive, SD memory card etc.
  3. Mobile phone
  4. Watch
  5. Card
  6. Key
  7. Otherts
  8. Commuter pass