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Gotenshita Memorial Arena

The Gotenshita Memorial Area was built on the Hongo Campus on January 1998 as part of the projects celebrating the 100th anniversary of the University of Tokyo, and was founded by donations from the supporters of the project.

The objective of the Memorial Area is to 'establish a comprehensive sports center which, together with the Gotenshita grounds newly installed with artificial turf, will provide a place for the practice of sports and exercise and the transmission of effective guidance, in order to promote the health of students and staff at the university'. The institution consists of many sports facilities including a heated swimming pool, a sports hall (designed for basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, futsal, etc.), and a training room, such that students and staff may make full use of them at their leisure.

To support our operating costs, we ask users for the following fees:

Entrance Fees (operating costs)

Single entry 300 Yen
Book of 11 day-tickets (valid for 1 year) 3,000 Yen
Pass Card (valid for 6 months) 5,000 Yen
Pass Card (valid for 1 year) 8,000 Yen

(A headshot photograph will be required when purchasing a pass card.)

Exclusive Usage Fees(special operating costs)

Entire sports hall 2,200 yen/hour Studio 1,000 yen/hour
Hall B - L Side
(Half)(Hospital Side)
1,200 yen/hour Induction/Training Room 1 and 2 (per room) 500 yen/hour
Hall A Side(Pool Side) 1,000 yen/hour Badminton Court (per court) 200 yen/hour
Hall B - E Side 800 yen/hour Table Tennis Court (per court) 100 yen/hour

 Entrance fees listed above must also be paid in addition to the exclusive usage fees.