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Part-time Work

Section in charge Student Welfare Section, Student Support Division Location: Administration Building, counter number 6
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Telephone number 03-5454-6078/6077

Part-time work

As part of our student welfare and financial support services, we help students look for part-time work that will not interfere with their studies.

A. Part-time work

Students who wish to pursue part-time work should choose the most relevant job openings to them from the published list on the Student Support Section notice board, and report their choices to the Student Welfare Section counter. We will then issue a letter of reference, which should be submitted to the employer. Please ensure to check all details such as job descriptions.
The result, whether successful or otherwise, should be notified to the Student Welfare Section counter via the Result Notification Form.

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B. Student conduct when arranging part-time work

It is very important that students behave responsibly at their part-time workplace. From time to time, the employers send us complaints that some of our students 'never showed up to the interview', 'took days off without notice', 'were late', etc. Please ensure to be punctual and keep commitments at all times.
In cases where a commitment cannot be kept, please make sure to contact your employer beforehand to notify them. If there are any problems or a contractual breach on the part of the employer, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Welfare Section counter.