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Komaba Communication Plaza

The Komaba Communication Plaza has classrooms and Japanese-style rooms that can be used by students for extra-curricular activities. Below are explanations of how to use the facilities.

Komaba Communication Plaza North Building

Students of the University of Tokyo may use the following facilities for free.

1.Overview of facilities

1) Classrooms for Music

  • The classrooms are soundproof halls made for playing music.
  • There is one music practice room (large hall), two smaller music practice rooms, and one musical equipment storage room.
  • There are four pianos that can be used freely.

2) Classrooms for Performing Arts

  • The classrooms are soundproof halls made for dance and theater performances.
  • There is one performing arts practice room (large hall), one small practice room, and two equipment storage rooms.
  • There is one piano that can be used freely.

3) Classrooms for Sports Training

  • The classrooms are halls made for sports training. There are two rooms with wooden floors, and one tatami room.
  • Users of these rooms may also use the shower room.

4) Multi-purpose Classrooms

  • The Multi-purpose Classrooms are used for classes, study group meetings and club activities.
  • There are three rooms, each with 48 foldable and movable chairs with desks, and one room with 96 chairs with desks.

2. How to use the facilities

Facilities may be used both by individuals and by groups, such as for club activities and classes.

1) Use by Groups

  • Registered groups (clubs and classes) may book facilities in advance.
  • To register a group, please complete an application form available from the Communication Plaza Office (Communication Plaza North Building Japanese-style House Office), and return the form to the Student Support Division along with a seal from a faculty member of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Groups whose registration has been completed may book classrooms by going through the necessary procedures. For details, please refer to the Communication Plaza website (URL: http://www.com-pla.com icon_window.gif) or obtain the "Guide for Usage" at the Communication Plaza Office.
  • Groups that have made a booking will be given room keys by the Communication Plaza Office on the day. After use, please inspect the room and return the keys to the Communication Plaza Office.
  • Group registrations must be renewed every year.

2) Use by Individuals

  • Classrooms for sports, music and performing arts may be lent out to individuals if they are unoccupied.
  • Room vacancies can be checked on the website (http://www.com-pla.com icon_window.gif).
  • If you would like to use a room, please go to the Communication Plaza Office with your Student ID card and complete the necessary procedures.
  • Each room should be shared with all those who wish to practice/train, and should not be occupied personally.

2. Komaba Communication Plaza, Japanese-style House

Students of the University of Tokyo may use the following facilities for free.

1. Overview of facilities

  • The Japanese-style House is a tatami-floored building made for extra-curricular activities, in which eating, drinking, and overnight stays are possible.
  • There are six 16-mat rooms. By opening the fusuma door, rooms 1 to 4, and 5 and 6 can be connected.
  • As a maintenance fee, 750 yen will be charged per period (1.5 hours) per room. For overnight stays, 3000 yen will be charged per room.

2. How to use the facilities

  • Only registered groups (clubs and classes) may use the facilities. Individuals are not able to use the facilities. The registration process for groups is the same as for the Komaba Communication Plaza North Building.
  • Room bookings may be made at the Communication Plaza Office up to one month in advance.
  • Groups that have made a booking will be given keys by the Communication Plaza Office on the day. The maintenance (usage) fee should be paid at that time in the form of a Facility Use Ticket (sold at Co-op counter).
  • Please make sure to clean the room after use before returning the keys.

When using the facilities

  • There are various rules in place at the Communication Plaza, such as the no eating and drinking rule in the North Building, in order to maintain a pleasant environment for everyone. For detailed guidance regarding use, please refer to the website (http://www.com-pla.com icon_window.gif) or obtain a hard copy from the Communication Plaza Office.

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