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Events August 10, 2015

【Notice from Student Support Division】On October 11th, Kemigawa Sports Day will be held

Edited on September 24, 2015

<<We need more participants!! >>

→ Please see an additional recruitment.

Athletic Foundation of The University of Tokyo will hold “Kemigawa Sports Day” on October 11th for all students and faculty members at the University of Tokyo, to enjoy sports.

To participate more students and faculty members, we are arranging new events! If you don’t exercise regularly, don’t worry ! For example, you only run 1km (Cross-country, relay 5km). Also, in giant ball roll, what you only have to do is rolling a huge ball with your friends !

Why don’t you get exercise with your fellows in Kemigawa Ground where the cross-country game of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964? The application will be closed on September 11th . We are waiting for your participation!

For detail and application, go to the following web site.


Organizer: Athletic Foundation of The University of Tokyo

Co-organizer: The University of Tokyo

Date: October 11th, 2015

Event: Cross-country(individual 5km, relay 5km(New!) ), Giant ball roll (New!), Futsal

Object: Students and Faculty members at the University of Tokyo (Members of Athletic Foundation of The University of Tokyo)

Participation Fee: Free

Place: Kemigawa Ground (Ten minutes’ walk from Shin-Kemigawa Station)


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