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【グローバリゼーションオフィスより】留学生交流イベント 「ドッヂビー&ピザナイト☆」のお知らせ

締切:2014/5/7 12:00

留学生交流イベント 「ドッヂビー&ピザナイト☆」のお知らせ


駒場キャンパスで学ぶ留学生と国際交流に興味のある学生がスポーツを通して気軽に交流できるようなイベント、「ドッヂビー&ピザナイト☆」を企画しました。参加希望者は、5月7日(水)12:00(正午)までに、国際センター駒場オフィス(21 KOMCEE 地下1階)で申し込んでください。


日時: 2014年5月8日(木)18:30-20:30

場所: インターナショナルロッジ駒場ロッジ











Deadline:Wed., May 7, 2014, 12:00 (noon)

International Event "Dodgebee & Pizza Night☆"


The International Center Komaba Office would like to invite you to the following event organized for students who are interested in intercultural exchange at Komaba Campus. If you want to join, please come and register at the International Center Komaba Office located in the basement of 21 KOMCEE.


Dodgebee & Pizza Night

Date/Time:  Thursday, May 8, 2014, 18:30-20:30

Venue:  Multi-purpose Hall of Komaba Lodge A,

International Lodge, Komaba Lodge


*Please be noted the venue has been changed as follows;

Dodgebee game: Gym 2, Komaba I Campus

→Multi-purpose Hall of Komaba Lodge A

Pizza Party: MM Hall, 21 KOMCEE

→Multi-purpose Hall of Komaba Lodge A


Eligibility:  1. International students studying at Komaba Campus

2. Other Komaba students who are interested in intercultural exchange



Deadline:  Wed., May 7, 2014, 12:00 (noon)

Place:  International Center Komaba Office

 (21 KOMCEE B1F Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00)

*For details, please see→Event Postericon_pdf.gif