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<時に沿って> The road to Komaba!

Ferjani Ali

I grew up in the Southern suburb of Tunis. People familiar with world history would imagine CARTHAGE, the Ancient Empire and its legendary warrior Hannibal, known for leading the Carthaginian army and a team of elephants across the Alps against Rome in the Second Punic War.
I graduated in June 1996 from The Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, and soon after I got the scholarship offered by the Japanese government to study in Japan; came to Okayama on April 4th, 1997, which was a turning point in my life, and the beginning of my adventure as an International student. I spent three years in Okayama Univ., working on photoinhibition, to finally obtain my Master's degree. Then as a PhD-student of the SOKENDAI at NIBB (Okazaki), I started another challenge with a new research topic on salt stress. NIBB was such a great institute, as I was surrounded by world-class prominent scientists, needless to mention that the lab. of Prof. Yoshinori Ohsumi was next door, and that he was a member of the jury committee for my PhD thesis defense.
At that time, I was fascinated by leaf development research topics in Dr. Hirokazu Tsukaya Lab. I joined his research team as a JSPS Post-Doc. Since that time, I have been working on Arabidopsis leaf development with its wider meaning, where size regulation is my major focus. Then, I moved to Tokyo Gakugei Univ. (TGU) in Sept. 1st, 2008, as Assistant Professor (P.I.), and established a new lab. Meanwhile, I was promoted to Associate Professor in 2013. My path in Japan was pretty circuitous, as I moved several times and changed research topics almost every time. I will soon have half of my life spent in Japan, but I never regret having chosen Japan as a destination for my graduate studies and research life. On April 1st, 2019 I moved from TGU to The Univ. of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. I feel pretty welcome as being surrounded by talented and kind colleagues and administration staff. Now I am trying to acclimate to my new environment, to start up my new lab. and to do my best in education and research.
I would not be successful without many people's support. Therefore, I take this occasion to thank all the people that I have interacted with during the last 22 years and wish such good relations will continue forever.


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