イベント 2019.11.05


区分 講演会等
対象者 社会人・一般 / 在学生 / 留学生 / 卒業生 / 企業 / 教職員 / 高校生 / 大学生
開催日時 2019年11月16日 ~ 2019年11月17日
会場 21Komcee および 18号館ホール
参加費 無料
申込方法 事前申込不要




This symposium is to open to the public a core of the joint conference between the Japan Society for International Development (JASID) and the Japan Association for Human Security Studies (JAHSS) planned to be an ideal forum to address issues on refugees/migrants and education/employment. JASID was established thirty years ago with academics and practitioners who work on development. The Japan Association for Human Security Studies (JAHSS) is a newer association of academics focusing on human security.

The conference aims to have a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach, involving not only academic but also practitioners, with refugees and migrants in the center of all discussions - to realize the goal of "leaving no one behind".

The symposium will consider what kinds of integration supports are necessary and appropriate to realize a multicultural society in the future. It will also look into the issue of employment, as it realizes the fact that educational opportunity on its own is insufficient in addressing the refugees/migrants' needs. Questions to be asked may include: Where are refugees and migrants placed currently in the Japanese society, and how appropriate is it? What can and should be done in this regard? What is expected of various stakeholders, such as universities? How can we encourage a mindset and make a system of learning from refugees and migrants? Will innovation of new technology such as block chain bring about new approach for inclusive education for refugees and migrants as well as promotion of multicultural society?

お問合せ先 持続的平和研究センター CDR: cdr@hsp.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp